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Class Descriptions

Curative Yoga

An invigorating and challenging system of poses masterfully sequenced to bring discipline to the mind and body. Learn how to breathe, concentrate and improve your physical, mental and emotional health. Perfect for any level of practitioner.

Gentle Vinyasa

Slower-paced vinyasa class that teaches students basic alignment principles, fundamentals in breathing techniques, and lays the foundations of linking movements to the breath. Great for those new to yoga, recovering from injury, or looking for a slower-paced practice.

Power Yoga

Use internal heat and an emphasis on rhythmic breathing and movement to improve the connection between the mind and body in this class based on Vinyasa, or flow. Class will take postures from the Sun Salutations and build sequences using every inhalation and exhalation to create a practice that uncovers optimum benefits for the yogi.

Hatha Vinyasa

Challenge your stamina and strengthen your will power with a class that keeps the essence of Vinyasa (flow), but includes postures held for longer periods of time to encourage the use of breath to overcome the temporary. Class may include breathing exercises, standing and balancing poses, floor and core work, inversions and/or arm balances, and deep stretches.


Rejuvenate your body and mind with a series of grounded postures that utilize deep stretching to work with the connective tissues of the body. Class focuses on breath awareness and the practice of meditation, the perfect balance for any active lifestyle or for anyone seeking to enhance the mind-body connection.


Class Rates


Individual Class

  • Single class of any type
  • Kids 16 and under $8
  • No expiration date

5 Class Series

$60/$12 per class
  • 5 classes of any type
  • No expiration date

10 Class Series

$100/$10 per class
  • 10 classes of any type
  • No expiration date