About Us

Let’s face it, we all have something to “cure.”  No matter what brings you to a Curative Yoga™ class, we know you will walk away feeling better than ever.

Our invigorating series of asanas (poses) targets all of the systems in your body and ensures you safely bring movement, oxygen and life force energy to every cell of your body. You will gain strength, will, concentration, flexibility and balance and over time, melt away the dis-ease you may currently be experiencing.

Students of Curative Yoga™ have reported significant weight loss, have stopped the need for prescription medication for anxiety and depression, have cured migraines, chronic back aches, carpal tunnel syndrome and the list goes on.

Curative Yoga™ is for everyone at every stage of life. Do yourself a favor and try a Curative Yoga™ class today and enjoy the benefits for life!