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Welcome to Curative Yoga Bigfork!

We opened in historic Bigfork in the fall of 2014, and now provide year-round yoga classes for all levels of students in our beautiful studio space as well as around our Bigfork community. We are proud members of the Bigfork Chamber of Commerce, and seek to connect with local businesses and wellness providers to build, support, and inspire the wellness community in the Flathead Valley.

Many people come to yoga seeking a physical regimen of poses. While Curative Yoga Bigfork offers active classes for all levels of student, our overarching philosophy of Yoga of Mystics®  also offers an invitation to a deeper feeling of physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. This style is most apparent in our specially designed yoga sequence, Curative Yoga™. Curative Yoga Bigfork is inspired and influenced by our nonprofit foundation and school,  Samaa Living. We are also excited to announce our newest partner property, the Samaa Retreat Center. Located just outside beautiful Bigfork, Montana, it is home to yoga teacher trainings, wellness and yoga retreats, and open for private group and retreat rentals. 

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Yoga of Mystics® is a yogic philosophy that incorporates the highest ideals of Hatha, Raja (Ashtanga) Yoga as well as a strong foundation of Eastern and Western flavored wisdom and a profound understanding and use of breath. Where many yoga philosophies focus on the physical aspect of yoga, Yoga of Mystics® broadens the view to include all aspects of the student’s wellness and assures that each class will leave the student feeling strong, balanced and feeling great without the risk of injury or undue strain. 

The Curative Yoga style of Hatha Yoga teaches people how to concentrate their attention, not on instruments, muscles, or body movements, but on their awakened energy, which is the direct giver of power, strength and vitality to all bodily tissues – including the muscular. Hence, the faithful student will find in time that the yoga exercises invariably and consciously develop his/her will power, along with his/her bodily strength
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Let’s face it, we all have something to “cure.” No matter what brings you to a Curative Yoga™ class, we know you will walk away feeling better than ever.

Our invigorating series of asanas (poses) targets all of the systems in your body and ensures you safely bring movement, oxygen and life force energy to every cell of your body. You will gain strength, will, concentration, flexibility and balance and over time, melt away the dis-ease you may currently be experiencing.

Students of Curative Yoga™ have reported significant weight loss, have stopped the need for prescription medication for anxiety and depression, have cured migraines, chronic back aches, carpal tunnel syndrome and the list goes on. Curative Yoga™ is for everyone at every stage of life. Do yourself a favor and try a Curative Yoga™ class today and enjoy the benefits for life!

Learn More about the Samaa Living & Our Inner School of Mysticism

Samaa Living’s mission is to inspire and teach humanity how to discover and fulfill one’s life purpose.

Humans have an innate desire to seek Truth, something that is bigger than oneself—who created me, where did I come from, and why am I here?  Whether you’re religious or not, one’s curiosity of the inner world is a universal human desire. Everyone has been touched by the beauty of nature, by a kind act from a stranger, or by the pervading peace of forgiveness. We welcome all into the Inner School of Mysticism. The only condition to enroll is if your soul is ready to embark on the spiritual path. Are you ready to discover your life’s purpose and duty?

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