Class Descriptions

Curative Yoga

An invigorating and challenging system of poses masterfully sequenced to bring discipline to the mind and body. Learn how to breathe, concentrate and improve your physical, mental and emotional health. Perfect for any level of practitioner.

All Levels Flow

This vinyasa class teaches students basic alignment principles, fundamentals in breathing techniques, and lays the foundations of linking movements to the breath, welcoming all levels of students with pose variations and options. Great for both experienced yogis and those new to yoga, recovering from injury, or looking to build strength and flexibility.

Gentle Yoga

Perfect for all ages, all body types, and those recovering from an injury or health condition. Focusing on aligned movement, range of motion, and sense of balance, students will be guided through the fundamental elements of an alignment-based gentle yoga practice.

Hatha Yoga Basics

An approachable and engaging class that explores the fundamental elements of yoga: breathwork, pose break-downs, anatomical alignment, philosophy and meditation. Perfect for beginners and anyone seeking to enhance their practice by re-addressing the basic principles of classical yoga. Find balance, build strength, and discover yourself!

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga enables conscious relaxation as you hold floor poses for longer periods of time. Props are used to completely support your body.  By relaxing in poses without strain or pain, we can achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation. Restorative yoga classes are  slow paced and will bring deep rest and relaxation to your mind, body, and spirit. (Offered monthly; check our Workshops & Events page for details)

FREE Guided Meditation

Learn how to be still in the mind and body to develop inner peace and joy. We will guide you and teach techniques such as chanting, pranayama and mantras to help you achieve deep stillness.