Class Descriptions

Curative Yoga

An invigorating and challenging system of poses masterfully sequenced to bring discipline to the mind and body. Learn how to breathe, concentrate and improve your physical, mental and emotional health. Perfect for any level of practitioner.

All Levels Flow

This vinyasa class teaches students basic alignment principles, fundamentals in breathing techniques, and lays the foundations of linking movements to the breath, welcoming all levels of students with pose variations and options. Great for both experienced yogis and those new to yoga, recovering from injury, or looking to build strength and flexibility.

Power Flow

Use internal heat and an emphasis on rhythmic breathing and movement to improve the connection between the mind and body based on Vinyasa, or flow. We’ll be breathing hard, moving fast to energizing music, and exploring variations to level up your fitness & your practice.

Hatha Flow

Based on the traditional elements of Hatha Yoga, this class will focus primarily on posture and repose, but will include some “flow-like” components, to help open the heart and mind. Students will work with the breath to observe the patterns of the mind on a deeper level, and will teach knowledge of synchronizing the body and the breath to create a beautiful mind.